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RFID and Barcode Asset Management Systems

Partner product from Foundation Logic Systems


Foundation Logic Systems A premier provider of RFID and barcode asset management systems and solutions.

Dedicated to delivering the most advanced innovation and technology for asset control and management to Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Theme Parks, Hospitals, Laundries and other uniform and linen intensive industries. 

Uniform Manager: Specifically designed to automate staff uniform operations in Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Resorts, Theme Parks and other uniform intensive industries 

Linen Manager: Maintain detailed information about every linen defined in the system, recording location, status, availability, history of every item and inventory levels.

Pool Towel Manager: 
Towel management system specifically designed to track, control and automate pool towel operations at hotels, resorts, casinos and spas.

Laundry Manager: Tackles the unique issues faced by laundries worldwide with regards to the management of their rental assets and customer owned goods. 

Asset Manager: A comprehensive yet simple application that enables an organization to quickly establish and record asset information, including calculating depreciation, supervising maintenance and monitoring exits.