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Enterprise Applications for Hotel Chains

Corporate WISH is a suite of software products, integrated with WISH (Prologic First's integrated software solution for hotels) intended for use by hotel chains.

Each module of WISH is functionally comparable with the best available internationally. WISH users range across luxury resport hotels, busy business hotels, limited service / budget properties and seviced apartments.

WISH may be deployed at each hotel property. Alternatively, hotel chains could host WISH at a data centre accessed by each property over a reliable and efficient data network.

WISH Individual software modules

Electronic Distributor
  • Chain-wide Guest History

Office Consolidation
  • Debtors Consolidation
  • Consolidated Financial Reporting
  • Consolidated Purchase Analysis
  • Chain-wide Materials Consumption Analysis
  • Chain-wide Stocks Analysis
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Central Reservation System

The Central Reservation System is unique because it allows all guest details to be captured by reservations agents minimizing pre-arrival activities at the hotel's Front Desk.

Web Reservation Engine

The web reservation engine can be interfaced with the CRS (for chains) or can share the PMS database (for individual properties). The Internet Reservations system has two-way communication with the property and can be configured for up-to-the-minute single-image inventory of rooms.

Corporate Guest History System

The corporate Guest History system can even store golf handicap, diving certification level, preferred masseur & more in an organized manner that is usable for CRM. By including family relationships, incidents log during visits, guest feedback and contact history it is the most comprehensive repeat guest profiling system available.

Back Office Consolidation Software

Back Office consolidation software imports data from in-property back office databases to provide a chain wide view of the back office. Modules can be used to control credit extended to customers across the property, for timely & accurate consolidation of monthly financial reports, for analysis of volumes & pricing of materials purchased at properties in the chain, to indentify slow moving stocks at any property that may be of use to another property and much more.


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