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Corporate WISH CGHS

Legacy Guest History systems capture guest demographics, visits history summary, Rooms Division related preferences and at most free format comments in a 'notepad'. With growing range of services and competition in business, hotels and chains need a more 360 degree view of their guest.

Corporate WISH CGHS is a unique guest history system that can track guest profiles by any parameter that is relevant to an individual hotel or hotel chain. For example, whether the guest is a vegetarian, what is the guest's golf handicap, who is the guest's favourite masseur at the spa, etc.

In addition to all that legacy systems offer & in addition to user defined guest attributes, Corporate WISH CGHS also tracks 'incidents' during the guest's visit, guest feedback and acts as a communication centre & guest contact log.

Corporate WISH CGHS data may be stored in a central database that can be shared across a property. Imagine the value of being able to acknowledge the deep sea diving expertise of a first time guest at your hotel from information shared by another hotel in your chain!

By using Corporate WISH CGHS you can raise the bar of guest services at your hotel and gain unique competitive advantage.

Functional summary


  • lProperties
  • lDepartments
  • lUser defined guest attributes per Department

Capture data at properties

  • lRooms Division data in WISH Front Office
  • lF&B preferences in Touché Profiler
  • l'Incidents' in WISH Service Management
  • lGuest Feedback (optional feature of WISH)

Export data from properties

  • lReview changes for accuracy
  • lExport new and changed records

Import data to CGHS

  • Review incoming data
  • Import new records
  • Merge / edit existing records
  • Export new records to all other
  • properties
  • Export changes to all properties

CGHS functions

  • Create new guest history record(s)
  • Update existing record
  • Correspondence / mailing to guest
  • View contact history
  • Guest history inquiry
  • Conditional mailing lists
  • Export mailing list