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Corporate WISH CRS

A unique Central Reservation System (CRS) that is multi-property, yet, entirely compatible with each hotels front office system (if used with WISH Front Office). WISH Front Office users require minimal re-training. They can perform all the reservations and pre-arrival functions that they would if they were in the reservations or reception department of the hotel where the guest will arrive.

Corporate WISH CRS is tightly integrated with each participating hotel's WISH Front Office system. It uses the hotel's parameters eliminating the need to 'map' data. It is also the single image of inventory and reservations data across the chain. Users may view availability across all properties. They may also query for guests at any of the chain's properties. Other electronic reservation systems, such as WISH IRS for Internet Reservations or 3 party airline & Internet distribution systems, need only interface with Corporate WISH CRS for bi-directional reservations capability.

Corporate WISH CRS also interfaces with Corporate WISH CGHS. So guest history data across properties is available to the reservations agent for personalization and improved service per guest.


  • Properties in the Chain.
    • IP address of each property
    • Mode of synchronization - online, FTP or off-line
  • User access by property and functions

Parameters at each Property

  • Rooms and rates
  • MIS Parameters
  • Guest Parameters
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Agents / Operators
  • Guests in History

Individual guests

  • Single form for all actions  confirm, waitlist, cancel, modify and decline
  • Rates assigned based on corporate/agent affiliation
  • Print/fax/email offers, confirmation, cancellation, etc
  • Guest traces

Data per guest

  • Property
  • Name and contact
  • Arrival / departure
  • Adult / youth / child pax
  • Rate & meal plan or terms
  • Room type / number / attributes requested
  • Affiliation for contracted rate
  • Allotment usage, if applicable
  • Special service requests
  • Segment, source, domicile classification
  • Passport / identification / visa details
  • Billing instructions
  • Automatic charge routing template
  • Automatic discount calculation
  • Automatic charges
  • Settlement mode & credit / card information
  • Transfer details
  • Log of updates to key fields


  • Optional auto search in history for new reservations
  • Auto check for suspected duplicate reservations at the Property
  • Sharers with staggered stay dates
  • Confirm / waitlist a new request
  • Modify / cancel a confirmed reservation
  • Confirm a waitlisted reservation
  • Decline a reservation
  • Day use reservations
  • Copy an existing guest record to create a new reservation
  • 'Option' date in reservation
  • Pre-arrival guest messages
  • 'Password' controlled override of system rates
  • Link to guest history  manual or computer aided
  • Proforma invoice
  • Advance payments


  • Reservations activity reports
  • Expected arrivals reports

Groups handling

  • Group master information
  • Tentative or cancelled groups
  • Group block with block release date
  • Multiple room types in group block
  • Variable number of rooms per day
  • Rooming list
  • Sharers in rooming list with staggered stay dates
  • Download details from master to members
  • Group Log for major modifications
  • Group movement
  • Group billing instruction
  • Member billing instructions
  • Automatic charge routing template
  • Group Proforma invoice
  • Group utilities-
    • Auto generate rooming list
    • Move block to another room type
    • Change arrival or departure or both dates
  • Change and copy to some or all group member
    • Rate
    • Billing instructions
    • Segment or source
  • Group traces for follow up
  • Reports
  • Expected arrivals report  with / without members
  • Groups blocked/picked-up chart
  • Group trace list