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  • Set-up
    • Calculation on Pulse Rate or duration with optional minimum
    • Break down of calls by any service type - local, long distance, international, 0+, internet, service calls, etc.
    • Group extensions into Category viz. Guests or Office staff
    • Rates per caller category, type of call (service type), destination within type, season, day of week & special events
    • Identify special destination numbers such as Internet Access numbers.
    • Add surcharges, taxes, markups and custom rates
  • Operations
    • Start / stop interface
    • Buffer calls on interface stoppage and send when interface is up
    • Check-in & Check-out of rooms (subject to EPABX capability)
    • Visual traffic monitor
    • Notification to operator of Emergency calls made from any extension
  • Reports 
    • Call Detail Reports by Category, Department, Room and Extensions
    • Extension usage by Category and Department
    • Periodic summary showing total number of calls per Department
    • Frequently Dialed numbers
    • Trunk usage report
    • Expensive calls listing    
    • Longest calls listing
    • Call listing by Country
    • Daily summary
    • Executive summary


    • Unlimited Departments
    • Unlimited Extensions
    • User friendly voice prompts
    • Password controlled access
    • Password change by voice prompts
    • Greetings per extension number
    • Choice of Greetings— default, say extension number, say name or custom
  • Voice mail
    • Record, listen, confirm, cancel or re-record
    • Play number of new or old voice mails
    • Read voice mails continuously or one-by-one
    • Delete individual voice mail or all old voice mails
  • Wake up
    • Set-up from PMS
    • Snooze (10 minutes) while on wake call
    • In case of error in wake up delivery, operator is alerted
  • PMS Link with WISH Front Office, Opera, Fidelio and IDS for check-in / check-out and room transfer

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