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A call to any business or home used to mean one of three things -- an answer, a busy signal or endless, unanswered ringing. Increasingly, it now means an encounter with voice mail. First introduced to the world in the 1970s, voice messages have become a routine part of everyone's day, if not the most common electronic message system used. At work, on your cell phone and at home, almost everyone has at least one voice mail account, and sometimes more than one. SmartPHONE’s approach is essentially the same goal: a convenient messaging service for phone users.



  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited extension
  • User friendly voice prompts
  • Multilingual support
    • English
    • Arabic
  • Password protected voice mail box
    • Each extension can have a password
    • Password can be changed by voice prompts
  • Greetings
    • Can be set for individual extension
    • Many types of greetings: Default greeting, say extension number, say name or say custom greeting.
  • Voice Mail
    • Voice mail recording can be confirmed, listened, delete & re-recorded and cancelled
    • Play number of new voice mails and old voice mails
    • Voice mail Read continuously and read one by one
    • Delete individual voice mail or Delete all the old voice mails
    • Other options such as Say from, Say date & time, Say duration before each voice message
    • Deleted voice mails can be backed up
    • Voice mail can be accessed from outside (remotely)
  • Wakeup
    • Wakeup call setup from PMS
    • Wakeup call repeat (Snooze) after 10 minutes by pressing a number while on wakeup call
    • Error wakeup call information will be directly dialed and informed to operator by the system
  • User Access Security for administration functionality
    • Each staff can have a user ID and password
    • Administration password can be changed by voice prompts
  • Minibar (Item Post)
    • Post Minibar item consumption to PMS
    • Maintain item master
  • Housekeeping Status / Room Status
    • Change Housekeeping status in PMS
  • Reports
    • Wakeup Register
    • Minibar Register
    • Extension Register
    • House Keeping Register
  • PMS link for check in / checkout, room transfer and wakeup call. The following systems are supported:
    • WISH Front Office
    • Fidelio
    • Opera
    • IDS
    • Protel
  • Major PABX systems are supported:
    • Alcatel
    • Avaya
    • Mitel
    • NEC
    • Nortel Meridian
    • Siemens

PMS Systems like Prologic WISH, Fidelio, Opera, IDS are supported.