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Integrated back office accounting software for all types of independent hospitality units and hospitality chains.

Web Prol'IFIC is a unique hotel accounting software and other hospitality establishments that complies with both the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting and Statutory Reporting. It is web based and hence, can be deployed on-site, hosted at a chain data centre or can be used as a service. It is a rare integrated materials and accounting software for hospitality industry and offers all that you can expect from a contemporary software.

  • Financial Consolidation
  • Inter-unit Accounting
  • Central Purchase
  • Costing Services
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Hotel software and Hotel management Software HOTEL
  • Back Office Accounting CLUB
  •  Integrated Back Office Accounting Software CAFETERIA
  • Back Office Accounting Software FOOD COURT

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Web Prol'IFIC back office accounting system automates tasks like computing purchase & consumption journals, allocating costs to departments, amortising pre-paid expenses or revenues, etc.

As a central service, Web Prol'IFIC software for hotel accounting allows chains to use skilled back office resources as a shared service, thus reducing cost of back office transaction processing.

 Stock Accounting software
Install Anywhere, Use Anywhere
Install Anywhere, Use Anywhere

Independent hospitality units may install Web Prol'IFIC back office accounting software at their premises or may use it as a cloud service offered by Prologic First. Hospitality chains may install Web Prol'IFIC as a shared service and enterprise system in a data centre or may opt to use Prologic First's cloud services. Users may access Web Prol'IFIC software from any location, subject to authorisation, using broadband Internet.

Inventory Management software
One System, Multiple Functions
One System, Multiple Functions

Web Prol'IFIC software is used for purchasing, inventory, F&B costing, back office accounting and bank reconciliation. It is interfaced with multiple 3rd party systems including the leading PMS, POS, payroll and other sales invoicing and cost recognition systems. Data flows across systems accurately, with minimal manual intervention. This accounting software for hotels is the more efficient way to manage your back office.

Recipe Management software
Innovative Never Before Functionality
Innovative Never Before Functionality

Prologic First has leveraged the latest in software technology to include powerful new features in Web Prol'IFIC hospitality accounting software. For example – ability to upload data into the system using Excel spreadsheets, generate alerts by email or SMS under user defined conditions, mobile approvals & receiving, work flow for inter-unit reconciliation and more.

Cost Analysis software
Enterprise Applications For Hospitality Chain
Enterprise Applications For Hospitality Chain

Being a multi-property system, Web Prol'IFIC, a hotel back office software, provides IT support for many chain functions like central purchase, multi-currency vendor transactions, transparency in slow moving stocks, central library of recipes, centralised F&B costing, consolidated view into debtors & creditors, inter-unit accounts reconciliation and financial consolidation & bench-marking.

Debtors Accounting software
Nearly Paperless Operations
Nearly Paperless Operations

Vouchers are printed only on demand, supporting documents are scanned & attached with the relevant transaction. Reports may be viewed on mobiles, computer screens and can be distributed by email. Historical records are catalogued & archived. Paperless operations mean reduced environmental damage and reduced cost of transaction processing.

Back Office Accounting software
Proven And Cost Effective
Proven And Cost Effective

Except when used as an on-site system, this hotel accounting software reduces up-front investment in IT infrastructure. By enabling shared services, needing low cost data network, reducing manual inputs and through minimal use of paper, Web Prol'IFIC reduces cost of operations. This has been proven at more than 600 international sites.

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Industry Solutions

Web Prol'IFIC is a versatile integrated hotel accounting software that meets the requirements of diverse hospitality businesses.

hotel softwareHotels & Apartments

Hotels & Apartments

Limited service lodging properties may use only the accounting module of Web Prol'IFIC software. The module includes the sales/debtors ledger, purchase/creditors ledger, general ledger, petty cash accounting and bank reconciliation. With incremental investment and manual effort, full service hotels and resorts may use the integrated purchase, inventory, F&B costing and works order accounting features to improve cost control.

Food softwareFood & Beverage Service

food Service software
Food & Beverage Service

The functionally rich purchase, inventory and F&B costing modules are suited to independent F&B businesses that are larger and/or more complex in operations. Web Prol'IFIC hospitality accounting software provides cost control features that are invaluable for F&B profitability.

Central Kitchens & Warehousing

Central Kitchens & Warehousing

Food & Beverage chains with central or regional commissaries and/or warehouses may use Web Prol'IFIC, a hotel back office software, to computerise their operations. In addition to the usual features of materials management and costing, Web Prol'IFIC hospitality ERP software provides features for accounting of semi-finished & finished items, inter-units transfer & reconciliation of materials and accounting of transit, warehouse & unit losses.

Hospitality Chains

Hospitality software
Hospitality Chains

Hotel and apartment chains that want to optimize back office expenses at the operating units, will be able to do so by centralizing IT infrastructure & services with this hospitality accounting software. They can also use skilled back office resources more optimally by providing shared back office services to the units. Apart from reduced operating costs, Web Prol'IFIC provides chains the means to make multi-property operations more efficient. It enables central purchase operations, helps in inter-unit accounting reconciliation, adds transparency to materials & cost metrics and allows fast consolidation & benchmarking of periodic financial performance.

Membership Clubs

Membership Clubs

Web Prol'IFIC offers a membership accounting module that can be used to store a database of members, for periodic membership invoicing, to account for packages sold, to limit access to the facility only to subscribed members and to monitor membership usage. When used with other Prologic First software, the module forms the core of a fully integrated club management software system.

Integrated With 3rd Party Systems

Integrated With 3rd Party Systems

Two out of five Web Prol'IFIC users use the system interfaced with 3rd party PMS, POS and other invoicing or cost recognition systems. It offers open interfaces for integration with ever more 3rd party products.

Building Blocks For A

Custom Configured Solution

There are two major flavours of Web Prol'IFIC.

  • 1. A Standard version, intended for use at individual hotels and units of a hotel chain.
  • 2. An Enterprise version that allows multi-property operations, transactions and consolidation.
  • Each version is built from modules/products, some of which may be unbundled.
  • Each of the modules offers open interfaces to enable 3rd party products to post transactions.
  • Web Prol'IFIC, the best accounting software for hospitality industry, also offers interfaces with specific 3rd party PMS, POS, etc.
Web Prol'IFIC Standard
Web Prol'IFIC Enterprise

Client Speak

The most important thing about this relationship has been reliability and trust.

Vijay Dewan

Managing Director
The Park Hotels, India



Plaza Premium Group uses ERP and HRMS applications at Abu Dhabi Airportfrom Prologic First to streamline our hotel operations. The applications arefunctionally rich and it enhances productivity, and the amazing after-sales supportensures our business runs smoothly. Thank you for providing such reliable andefficient solutions!

Vippon Kumar

Director of Information Technology
Plaza Premium Group
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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