How quick is your QSR?

A QSR serves fast food. The emphasis is on fast. The speed of service is what brings in customers and generates volumes. At low margins, that are typical of QSRs, volumes are critical for revenues and profits.

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Why does any
restaurant need data

Analytics is the science of understanding the relationship between dimensions (example – one or more of time period, menu items sold, wait staff, etc) and measures (example – one or more of covers sold, portions served, revenue earned, etc.)

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6 reasons why
restaurants are going
completely cashless

Across the world, more and more F&B outlets are going completely cashless. What’s driving this trend? We take a look at some of the key factors leading to this transformation, with international examples, and quotes from industry experts. A quick 3-4minute read.

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Use a Diner Database to
recognise and wow your
repeat diners.

Seated dining restaurants, more often than not, ask guests for a mobile number when making a table reservation or when seating a walk-in diner. This number represents an unprecedented opportunity to identify a repeat diner during his or her next visit.

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Latest news

Prologic First launches the hotel industry’s first comprehensive hospitality solution

Prologic First has announced the launch of the first comprehensive Hospitality Cloud Solution for hotel management. The innovative system available on cloud, joins Prologic First’s existing line of hybrid and on premise solutions. The cloud solution allows a hotel to get its PMS up and running and start accepting reservations and checking in guests in as little as four hours.

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Prologic First sends message of support to hospitality industry

28 Mar 2020 Prologic First’s mycloud hotel management software Cloud services and technological solutions company Prologic First has sent a message of support to the hospitality industry amid one of its greatest challenges in decades. Prologic First MD Amlan Ghose said: “Prologic First is committed to stand shoulder to shoulder with all our partners and customers across the […]

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Prologic First solutions to enable WFH for Hoteliers

April 09, 2020 Hoteliers’ back office operations are as important as those dealing directly with clients. Covid-19 or not, it is financially essential to keep it running and running well. You need to follow up on debtors, and pay essential suppliers, so that they stand by you when fully back in business Hospitality ERP, Web […]

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