Voice Technology will transform F&B within the next 2 years!

The customer sits at his table and says, “The usual, please.” He opens his book and says, “Brighter,” and the light over his table brightens. Five minutes later his smiling server arrives with his order. “Should I charge, now?” he asks.

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Is Moringa the new Kale?

No F&B outlet with a contemporary clientele can afford to ignore super foods.

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No Patty? No Profit!

Imagine walking in to your favourite burger joint. You have your order planned in your mind. You get to the counter, only to be told, “Sorry! We are out of stock.”

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How quick is your QSR?

A QSR serves fast food. The emphasis is on fast. The speed of service is what brings in customers and generates volumes. At low margins, that are typical of QSRs, volumes are critical for revenues and profits.

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Why does any
restaurant need data

Analytics is the science of understanding the relationship between dimensions (example – one or more of time period, menu items sold, wait staff, etc) and measures (example – one or more of covers sold, portions served, revenue earned, etc.)

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6 reasons why
restaurants are going
completely cashless

Across the world, more and more F&B outlets are going completely cashless. What’s driving this trend? We take a look at some of the key factors leading to this transformation, with international examples, and quotes from industry experts. A quick 3-4minute read.

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Use a Diner Database to
recognise and wow your
repeat diners.

Seated dining restaurants, more often than not, ask guests for a mobile number when making a table reservation or when seating a walk-in diner. This number represents an unprecedented opportunity to identify a repeat diner during his or her next visit.

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Latest news

Prologic First to support the growth of the hospitality industry in Uzbekistan

By Staff Writer, TradeArabia Ateca Hotel Supplies & Technology Solutions, developed by UAE hotel experts in Uzbekistan, has signed a strategic agreement with Prologic First to support the growth of the hospitality industry in the Republic. Michel Noblet, Executive Chairman of Ateca Holding

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AI set to improve operations, customer experiences at UAE hotels

Data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) has been a major stepping stone for the hospitality sector in the UAE, especially when it comes to collecting, analysing, and forecasting consumer preferences and decisions, experts have observed.

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Prologic First: Giving Hotels a Competitive Edge with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Amit Sharda, Vice President – EMEA, Prologic First, said, “Efficiency, time, savings, quality of bookings, more direct revenue, opportunity to upsell are the true keywords that the hotel industry is looking for today. Technology is meant to accelerate growth. Hospitality

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Sheraton Al Khalidiya Hotel Appoints Prologic First to Leverage Operational Excellence

Prologic First and Sheraton Al Khalidiya Hotel in Abu Dhabi have announced a strategic technology partnership to leverage and optimise operations at the hotel. As part of the agreement, Prologic First will provide its cutting-edge integrated product solutions to Sheraton Al Khalidiya Hotel in order to boost operational efficiency while enabling a new level of guest experience….

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Case studies

Clients Speak

The most important thing about this relationship has been reliability and trust.

Vijay Dewan

Managing Director
The Park Hotels, India
Wherever you are, you still have data at your fingertips.

Jameson Solomon

The Leela Palace, Bengaluru
Prologic First helped us with our PMS and Back Office. Their pricing was highly competitive and the service quality was very good.

Jairaj Gorsia

General Manager
Gevora Hotel, Dubai
To survive in the competitive market of today, you need to rely on IT. That's where Prologic First helped us immensely.

Carlos Abou Haidar

Managing Director
We share a 15 year long and successful relationship with Prologic First. We trust them fully and use only their services in our 5 properties.

Venu Gopal

General Manager
Royal Ascot Hotel, Dubai
We decided to opt for Prologic First and we are glad that we did. Highly advanced service quality and a competitive quote made all the difference to our decision making.

Shane Labrooy

Asst. General Manager
Al Salam Hotel Suites, Dubai