Use a Diner Database to
recognise and wow your
repeat diners.

Seated dining restaurants, more often than not, ask guests for a mobile number when making a table reservation or when seating a walk-in diner. This number represents an unprecedented opportunity to identify a repeat diner during his or her next visit.

The ability to identify the diner is a critical first step towards a wow experience. The very fact that he or she has been recognized is a feel-good factor for the diner. Even new wait staff can identify the guest by looking up a database of repeat diners maintained by the restaurant.

The database would automatically capture information, from the restaurant POS, about revenue generated by diners on each visit. Revenue history can be used to identify and reward big spenders. Visits history may be used to communicate with past diners to encourage them to revisit. Both of which lets diners know that the restaurant cares and builds relationship.

The database should also track items ordered on previous visits to discover diner preferences. Diners are delighted when the wait staff seems to ‘remember’ the diner’s favourite items on the menu.

The much celebrated specialty Indian restaurant, Bombay Palace London, uses the diner database to also capture information manually. They use the database to ‘remember’ diner events, preferences and dislikes. Repeat diners appreciate the fact that the restaurant does not forget birthdays and anniversaries. And they are overwhelmed by the fact that the restaurant does not forget their allergies, either!

Social media is a new and supplementary source of information for restaurants. Restaurants can discover a wealth of information about their diners that they can archive in their database. Information that may be used to, pleasantly, surprise diner’s during their next visit.

Fixed POS terminals reduced the usability and effectiveness of the diner database, as a tool to personalize services, because the information was unavailable where needed the most … at the table side when interacting with the diner during their visit. Mobile POS devices connected into the database have eliminated this obstacle and any reason for not using this powerful tool.

Repeat diners are a restaurants asset. They generate recurring revenues at minimal or no marketing cost. They recommend the restaurants they like to their friends, introducing more potential repeat diners. The repeat diner database is an invaluable tool to nurture repeat diner relationships.

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