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A smart, unique and proven Hotel Call Accounting System and Call Management solution from Prologic First, SmartTEL empowers hotels, companies and other institutions to optimize telephone revenues by allowing finely granulated rate tables. SmartTEL, voice mail system for hotel, is designed for hotels and corporates with high volumes of telephonic communication. .... It aids users in controlling telephone costs by reporting and analysing all calls made. It simplifies interface requirements and integrates with major property management systems and PABX systems. This hotel call accounting system also comes with the option to add other value-added features Read more


One of the most powerful telephone call accounting, telephone invoicing and telephone management systems, SmartTEL is available at an affordable price


SmartTEL, a hotel call accounting software system, offers many value added features like emergency call alert, caller extension inquiry, exceptionally long duration call alert, etc.


SmartTel, a software voicemail system, helps you reconcile your carrier bill, to ensure correct charging and allows your business to provide management reports, analytic reports, alerts, etc.

SmartTel: Truly Smart

SmartTEL, call accounting software system is the best way to tie all call accounting and call management ends together with utmost ease and efficiency. It is also the best call accounting solutions that can truly help you to monitor all your calls and empowers you to make the right decisions to increase revenues.

  • Real time data processing
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited international, national and local codes and tariff
  • Unlimited number of rate plans and flexible charging, rate slabs, zones, surcharges, tax and mark-ups
  • Duration, pulse, time based profit and cost calculation
  • Outgoing, incoming & internal call logging
  • Authorization based call tracking
  • Call enquiry reports with flexible criteria
  • Usage Reports
  • Trunk Utilisation
  • Longest/Expensive call report
  • Unauthorized Call Alerts
  • Call posting to folio
  • Call restriction in vacant rooms
  • Name Display
  • Message Waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Wake up calls
  • Automatic assignment of Direct Inward Dialing number (DID)
  • Operator Assistance - Caller Identification, Charge calculation, Manual PMS functions
  • Alert for Longest / Expensive call
  • Scheduled Report Emailing
  • Mini-Bar Charge Posting

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