About Us

Deeply rooted in innovation, Prologic First aims to design smart solutions for the hospitality industry that are a cut above the rest. From designing one of the first ever integrated software solutions for hotels and restaurants to introducing cloud-based solutions, Prologic First has always pushed the envelope and kept its customers ahead in the game.

Dedicated to creating the best software solutions satiating all the requirements of its large customer base in over 38 countries, Prologic First has developed a vast array of software products and modules that integrate to provide smart hospitality solutions across many industries.

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First Windows-based software solutions for hospitality

Cloud-based solutions, analytical applications. Machine learning

For hotels, restaurants, clubs, attractions, theme parks, F&B

38+ countries, 2000+ clients, unmatched software solutions


Amlan Ghose

Managing Director

Amit Sharda

Chief Operating Officer

Deepak Chauhan

VP - Cloud Services

Rajeev Kohli

Director - Finance

S. Krishnan


Chandra M Joshi

General Manager - Technical Services

Reena Vashisht

Head - ERP Systems

Debraj Polai

Corp. Manager - HR Systems

The Future Is Innovation

The hospitality industry is very dynamic. Rapid technological advancements demand new-age solutions. The preferences and tastes of guests change constantly. Amidst all this, what helps a business swim smooth, even in rough waters, is relentless innovation.

At Prologic First, we strive hard to predict the future trends and come up with the best possible solutions for our customers. Here's a glimpse of what the hospitality future demands.