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Hotel Front Office Software A single workspace for all Front Office functions Sliding panels in our Front Office Software Sliding panels are used to show or hide additional information and features. More information is packed per screen. WISH.NET is designed to reduce navigation and improve employee productivity. Rich management statistics of our Front Office Software Rich management statistics provides both historical analysis and future bookings analysis .. All in a single window. Wizard guided & controlled operation simplifies Night Audit and ensures accuracy without any interruption in other hotel operations. Wizard guided & controlled operation simplifies Night Audit and ensures accuracy without any interruption in other hotel operations.Rich reporting, export to variety of formats from our Front Office SoftwareRich reporting, export to variety of formats, electronic archival of key reports and site specific report content.

WISH.NET is Prologic First's new generation multi-property Front Office software for hotels that leverages Microsoft .NET technology to deliver unparalleled usability and productivity.

Front Office Software


All Front Office functions are consolidated into a single workspace. Additional tools and data are available on sliding panels. Using WISH.NET users navigate fewer forms and accomplish more with less effort. They need less training to be highly productive.


WISH.NET caters to the functional needs of any professionally managed hotel, resort or serviced apartment.

  • Rooms & Rates Management.
  • Contracts Database & Marketing
  • Guest History
  • Individual Reservations
  • Group Bookings
  • Front Desk
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Office Cashiering
  • Night Audit
  • Management Statistics
  • Interfaces

WISH.NET offers all the features you expect from a leading international software. Plus, some unique and/or advanced features. A few examples -

Minimum rate of the day with auto-adjustment

  • Rooms stop-sell
  • Complex contracts including free nites incentive, early booking discount, etc
  • Allotments with staggered release
  • Future occupancy analysis
  • Varying rate plan through a single guest stay
  • Walks accounting
  • Basic & advanced search with optional filters
  • Fast check-in of individual guests & group members
  • Make non-guaranteed reservations no show at a fixed time of the day
  • Scan & store guest photo & identification
  • User specified conditional alerts
  • Reusable charge routing templates
  • Hidden folios
  • Dynamic folio analysis
  • Over credit limit check against Debtors Ledger
  • User specified archival of reports
  • User specific reports
  • Export reports in choice of formats
  • Secure database
  • User activity logging
  • Audit journal of data changes
  • Night audit without interrupting operations
  • Multi-dimensional statistical reporting

WISH.NET can be used by hotel chains to host multiple properties on a single server.  The server may be located and managed at a central location.

WISH.NET offers two way interfaces with Prologic First's Central Reservation System (Corporate WISH CRS) and Corporate Guest History system (Corporate WISH CGH).


Ready interface software is available to connect WISH.NET with a verity of makes & models of devices like telephones, Internet, GDS, electronic locks and interactive TV.


Companion software modules integrate WISH.NET with other departments of a hotel. Prologic First offers software for Food & Beverage, Minor Departments, Materials Management and Accounting.

For a future proof software solution for your hotel or hotel chain, choose WISH.NET today.